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BOTY – 2019

Barbershopper Of The Year 2019

Congratulations to Simon Hargrave, our ex Musical Director, on being awarded the Barbershopper of The Year (BOTY) trophy.

Each year, at the club AGM, members hold a secret ballot where they select the person who they think has done most to help the club and its members. The result of the ballot is withheld until the Annual Dinner so both the recipient and guests have no idea who has won until the presentation.

This year we had to delay the presentation, as the trophy needed some refurbishment, but still the members and the recipient were not aware of the winner until it was presented at last week’s rehearsal.

In presenting the award the chairman commented on the outstanding amount of work Simon had done for the club during his almost 6 years in the post of Musical Director.

He particularly thanked Simon for his almost 100% attendance over the period and for the weekly audio recordings which he diligently edits, before circulating them to every member.

The Chairman also confirmed that the chorus had shown their respect for Simon, by giving him 70% of the votes cast.