Who We Are

The Knights of Harmony is both a barbershop chorus and a social club. It was founded more than forty years ago – and some of our original members still actively sing with us.

Some of us have a musical background, many of us don’t. Most of us started from scratch and we have learnt the craft of singing ‘a cappella’ (unaccompanied) through the Knights.

We have a professional music director, Sean Bui, and a Music Team that ensures we are regularly building our repertoire – and constantly improving our performances.

There are about 50 of us from all walks of life – from truck driver to security consultant, from builder to city gent. We range from teenage to an age that is impolite to mention.

We sing barbershop for fun, we perform in public and we compete nationally – we’re currently ranked 12th in the country. We rehearse once a week on Thursdays, and try to practice as much as our lives allow in between.
We have two simple goals: to sing the best we can, and to enjoy it.

A cappella music sung to a high standard is truly beautiful. That’s why we always strive for excellence.