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Ady Terebas

When Ady Terebas isn’t singing with the Knights, you’ll often find him belting out our repertoire in the cab of a 32-tonne tipper truck.

Ady’s a lorry driver who came along to a Knights’ Learn to Sing course six years  ago, and has been a stalwart among the Basses ever since.

He was already singing for fun – mainly at karaoke nights. 

It was the four-part close harmony that attracted Ady to Barbershop.

He says: ‘When we get it right – hit all the right notes – it sounds so good it makes the hairs on my neck stand up.’

Ady loves riding his motorbike, and has a ‘passion’ for Lambretta and Vespa scooters.

Another passion is dancing at Northern Soul and Mod nights – moves he sometimes brings to the risers at rehearsals. He likes a good laugh.

Pet hate: drivers who don’t indicate.

Ady lives in Old Amersham with his wife Jax.  Between them they have six children and three grandchildren.