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Find Your Voice

Find your voice with the Knights

Hands up if you want to sing in a chorus – but daren’t? Or think you can’t?

There are lots of people out there who love music but worry they are ‘tone deaf’.  In their mind, they can’t hold a tune.

The Knights can help.  We are always on the look-out for new recruits – and we know from experience that some people don’t step forward even though they’re itching to.

Research now under way at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama is looking into ways to help would-be singers overcome their hurdles.

According to a report in the January issue of Making Music’s iNotes, the project is “keen to challenge the notion that ‘singing is just about confidence’, recognising there is a key element of skill development that needs to be in place.

“Perhaps a more helpful message for existing choirs to be putting out to potential new members is not that ’everyone can sing’, but ‘everyone can learn to sing’.”

Finding a Voice tracked 20 volunteers to gather data on: vocal and musical skill development; changes in attitude and beliefs; narratives from participants about their ‘journey’; and the process of teaching and learning.

Come and meet us

The Knights of Harmony recruit members from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying skill levels. Some can read music – many can’t. Some have sung for years – others are complete newbies. What they share is a love and enjoyment of singing.

With 40 years history behind the Knights, we know how to teach people the skills they need to be able to sing close-harmony a-cappella (unaccompanied) songs.

Interested? Then get in touch. We’ll be happy to arrange for you to drop by one of our Thursday night rehearsals at the Whitehall Centre in Chesham.

We’ll also be running a special ‘Tag-Along-Thursday’ evening on Thursday, March 15, where you’ll get a chance to hear us, chat to us – and sing along with us. It starts at 7.45pm at the Whitehill Centre, Chesham, HP5 1AG.

For more information contact Chas on : 01296 668985 / Mobile: 07762 089 818

Or email us:


* Making Music is the UK’s number one organisation for leisure time music representing 180,000 music makers across the UK.  You can see the full article at: