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“Singing with the Knights is the best night of the week. The hard work is very rewarding and the camaraderie is great”. We rehearse at 8pm every Thursday in Chesham. The details of where to find us are here, or email our Membership Secretary on to find out more. You will find a warm welcome at the Knights of Harmony. You will also find a commitment to make you the best singer we can. We are coached by our highly qualified professional Chorus Director, Sean Bui, and the specialist national and international professional coaching team that we bring in. We also employ a presentation coach to make sure that whatever the sentiment of the song, our physical performance is just as powerful as our vocal performance. Interested? Here’s a couple of further thoughts from members of the chorus. “When the harmonies come together, it’s like soaring above a beautiful countryside” “Singing with the Knights is my guaranteed smile of the week”

Audition Process

We do ask new members to reach a certain standard before they become full members of the Chorus. And we go to a lot of trouble to make sure you get the support to pass your audition. It is very much in our interests that you pass, so we give you lots of help with teaching materials, individual coaching and practice singing with other members of the chorus. We only ask you to audition when you are ready. Nearly all our new members pass the audition within 8-12 weeks. For experienced singers it can of course be much quicker.