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Peter Hawes

When Peter Hawes trained as a carpenter he learned to cut joints so tight and precise that the parts stuck together without glue.

Thirty-plus years later he’s honing his skills to achieve the same quality in his close harmony singing with the Knights.

Peter sings lead – ‘the most important part’ – and always aims to do it with the same accuracy and exactness of pitch as he did cutting and chiselling a mitre joint.

Such precision among the four parts causes chords to ‘lock’ and ‘ring’ – expanding the sound. So-called ‘goose bump’ moments.

Peter recalls his first session with the Knights in 2014. He hadn’t a clue what to expect.

‘Within the first few bars they hit some great chords and that was it – they had me. I was,” he says, ‘hooked’.

Peter Hawes

Four years later Peter is the section leader of the leads. ‘I don’t readily read music, but it isn’t a problem as we have such great teach-tracks to listen to,’ he says.

Peter is a construction manager for a local building contractor, a long way from his first job making pies.

‘I always practice as I drive my van’, he says, ‘though I occasionally get some funny looks in the summer when the windows are down!’

His favourite Knights’ song: the Beach Boys ‘In My Room’, one of the first songs he ever sang with the Knights.

He says: ‘I really look forward to a Thursday night as I get to do something I really enjoy which also keeps me physically fit and challenges me mentally.’

Peter lives in Prestwood with his wife of 26 years. They have three children.

His other passion – beside family and Barbershop?  Cricket. He’s played for the same team for even longer than he’s been married – 38 years, and still not out.