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Unusual Recruitment Request

Unusual Recruitment Request.

As the Knight’s Membership Secretary for most of my 35 years with the club, I have received numerous requests from people who wanted to join.

As you might expect, most requests are fairly similar. However, some enquires are unique, such as the following: –

At the end of January 2020, I received an email from a Meg Amos, with the following request, I am emailing on behalf of my husband. He will be having some free time coming up from March and I was wondering if he might come along to try barbershop?” The message was signed Megi Roscoe!!

So, my first thought was that her husband, no name mentioned, was about to retire and she was planning to make sure he was not under her feet all hours.

All sorts of reasons went through my mind as to why the apparent Cloak and Dagger, approach was necessary.

I replied to Meg’s mail saying You didn’t tell me your husband’s name but can he give me a call, or text?” 

My thought was that at least that way I would be able to get some idea of why he was getting his wife to speak for him. However, this strategy didn’t work either because on the 7th February Meg replied as follows, I can get him to message you nearer the time if that is still OK? “

Okay I thought, I am not going to get any answers until March, so I left it until March 4th when I again wrote to Meg suggesting that her husband might like to come along on March 5th, that being the first rehearsal in March.

After a quick exchange of messages with MATT, we finally met up on March the 5th.

As soon as the introductions had been completed, I asked Matt why his wife was being so secretive?

Matt, laughed and said it was a secret birthday present and he knew nothing about it. Meg had heard him saying he would like to have a go at Barbershop so she signed him up as a 40th Birthday surprise.

We are all glad that Meg thought of us, and we look forward to many harmonious years with our new member, Matt Roscoe.

Chas Owen Membership secretary